Labour Market Information

The main summer season industries in Dawson City are tourism and placer mining.  There are many seasonal jobs for people interested in working in the hotel or service industry.  It is in this area that most summer workers find employment.  These jobs are mostly located in downtown Dawson City.

The hospitality and tourism industry is a major sector for employment.  Positions in bartending, serving, cooking, dishwashing and housekeeping are common (bring black pants/skirts, white shirts/blouses and comfortable shoes).  Jobs are also available in retail sales (grocery stores, gift shops, etc.).  Wages may vary for people that have more experience or for those that prove their reliability quickly.  Wages are comparable to most parts of Canada for like work. Most employers will provide on-the-job training for many of their hospitality positions.

The mining industry can be more difficult to enter for non-skilled or inexperienced workers.  People with several years experience and who are familiar with placer mining or equipment operation may find work once they have visited the area and made themselves known to the employers.  Occasionally there are positions posted for unskilled mining labourers.  When there is an opening, employers need to hire IMMEDIATELY and often the first available most suitable person will get the job.

Most placer mines are located an hour away by car but could be up to several hours away on gravel roads.  Employers may require that you have your own vehicle for transportation to and from the mine site.

Forest fire season may also bring about extra jobs in the summer for those people who have experience and want to work on the fire crews.

PLEASE NOTE:  Dawson’s employment situation is quite dependent on both the price of gold and the tourism market.  It is always difficult to anticipate the job opportunities in any given year.  Checking this website and the websites of employers will keep you up-to-date on the employment situation.  Generally hiring for the service industry happens throughout May.