Dawson City

Dawson City is a small town with approximately 2,000 permanent residents.  It is located about 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 350 miles (500 km) north of Whitehorse via the Klondike Highway.

There is reasonably priced air service (www.flyairnorth.com) offered 7 days a week during the summer.  Air North also flies from Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.  Seasonal bus service between Whitehorse and Dawson City is provided by Husky Bus Services (www.klondikeexperience.com).  For up-to-date information about transportation options you may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The cost of living in our community can be slightly higher than other parts of Canada depending on your spending habits.  You will be surprised to find that some items are less expensive and readily available.  We recommend that job seekers have sufficient funds to support themselves until full-time employment is found.  Many people find that they can work full-time right away but often it is 2 or more part-time jobs combined that will give them enough hours until the season gets under way.

Accommodations are limited but many summer workers take advantage of our long days and relatively dry weather to camp.  There are several campgrounds boasting showers and other conveniences within a 20-minute walk of the downtown core.  Some hotels offer staff housing so be sure to request information when you apply.  A bicycle can be a real asset and is fairly inexpensive to ship through the mail or take with you on a plane.  Most everything you need is within a 20-minute walk and on level ground.  Many year-round residents do not own vehicles because it is not that far to go anywhere.  Getting around on your day off to do some sightseeing is not a problem – there are plenty of hiking trails, bike rentals, day rafting trips, river trips, Tombstone Park trips, canoe rentals or flights.

If you intend to arrive before mid-May be prepared for colder weather because it can dip below zero Celsius overnight. You are coming to the North after all, so make sure to bring lots of layers.  Summer temps average +20C to +25C but can be much hotter or colder.  In August temps start to cool down again so you will need the layers then as well.

Sign up for mail at the post office when you arrive and check out the local community bulletin board.  This is where rentals are posted and you may also find some employment opportunities there.